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So the ‘K1 Dynamite Sucks’ video is popular

Yeah, over 1000 views so far today. If I’d known this many people were going to watch it I’d have spent more than 15 minutes making it. I guess I’ll start doing these kinds of videos more in the future, but I’ll actually take the time to do them well. Thanks for the support guys! We are united in our hatred of K1 Dynamite, and that’s a beautiful thing.

  • intenso says:

    don’t change a thing. it was fucking brilliant.

  • vt says:

    Genius. I believe that video was probably more entertaining than the card. It’s sad that two legends had to be a part of it. That show looked like it was a couple of bearded ladies short of being a complete circus act

  • Trust me, the future ones will be even better. I’ve got some ideas for things I wanna do to create more unique content for fightlinker that I think you guys will love :-)

  • Paul says:

    can’t wait to see more of your work, fightlinker!