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So much for that Aldo / Edgar superfight. FFFFFUUUUU

Oh, the life of an MMA fan is pain and suffering. Just as it seemed like we were set for a sweet fall lineup with UFC 152, 153, 154 and 155 all looking stacked, the gypsy curse strikes again and wipes out UFC 153. Not only is Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson out with an elbow injury, but that minor motorcycle accident Jose Aldo was in turned out to be not so minor after all. Here is Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras explaining what happened (translation via reddit):

Today completes 10 days of the aldo’s accident, and we were doing the first sparring training with him, after the motorcycle accident.

He already had one of his scratches improved, and his foot is still a bit infected. He is taking antibiotics every day and he still got 10 more days of antibiotics. But anyway, we wanted him to fight, and he also wants, so we made the test today at practice sparring.

Even with a lot of pain in the foot with the infection he went to the trainning and saw that he had no condition. He tried to stand forcing his right foot on the floor but couldn’t. He got his foot swollen a lot from the accident, and he can not stand on his right foot heel yet. He forced his leg to support himself and he asked us to stop. He spent the entire workout that way. Every time when training resumed, someone tried to do something to overthrow him, and he could not support himself and kept falling so he wouldn’t hit his leg.

At the end of training, we both sat down and saw that he could not train for the fight. We want the fight to be postponed, we want the opponent to stay the same, Aldo wants to fight frank edgar. That’s why he tried and struggled so hard to stay in the fight, he really wants this fight to happen.

Aldo doesn’t seem to have the best luck staying healthy. Issues with his cervical vertebrae (aka his neck) took him off the UFC 125 card and prevented him from being booked for UFC 133. The same issue also affected him at UFC 129, along with an infection in his toe. He never revealed the reason he pulled out of UFC 149. And now this random road accident takes him out of another event.

When the UFC does rebook Aldo vs Edgar, screw telling Jose to stay away from motorcycles. Include ladders, black cats, and banana peels in the list of things he needs to avoid.