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So much for free agency

Strangely erased from existence on Fan Nation is Josh Gross’ report on the EliteXC fighter situation, which is too bad since it’s pretty important:

Perhaps the most interesting bit of information from this mess deals with the contracts of ProElite’s fighters. One of the managers I talked to said Elite might not be able to free fighters right away as CBS might have a right to the contracts. The network had a promissory note with Elite which didn’t get paid. Like a lien on property, their only assets to collect are the fight contracts. This contradicts suggestions on Tuesday that fighters under contract to ProElite before it went belly up would likely be free and clear to negotiate with other promoters.

I had originally assumed that fighters might get mired in a bad situation with ProElite going out of business, and now it looks like that is gonna be the case. If fighters don’t have a bankruptcy clause in their contracts, I wonder if they’ll still be able to take other fights.

The general jist of most non-exclusive contracts is that so long as the fights aren’t 30 days before an EliteXC event, the fighters are allowed to take them. Good for guys who are looking at landing singular fights but that’s not so good for anyone wanting to get into the UFC.