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So much for a war

We were all waiting with baited breath to see which Rampage would show up in the cage tonight. And truth be told, we didn’t really get enough of a fight to see. But regardless, Quinton Jackson took the win with a crushing left hook that left Wanderlei Silva shivering on the floor like a vibrator. Well, maybe it wasn’t the initial punch … Jackson followed up the knockout punch with three extra “I love yous” to the face of the completely unconscious Silva.

Both fighters came out … I wouldn’t say tentative but it did seem like they were both waiting for the other one to engage so they could counter. For a fight that everyone was expecting to be a rock out with your cock out slugfest, it was a bit disappointing. But what can you say? Rampage has awesome KO power and if you leave yourself open he WILL take you out. His fight against Chuck was equally anti-climactic, but you can’t blame a dude for hitting hard, can you?