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So long as we all remember that Jesus is the true Ultimate Fighter (for your soul)

Zak at Watch Kalib Run has dug up some interesting info on a Church that holds amateur MMA events:

Apparently, the latest trend for pastors who are in search of a greater congregation is to hold MMA events. WKR already talked about the pastor who thought that Jesus and Forrest Griffin were similar. Oh, and I almost forgot, the clothing line “Jesus Didn’t Tap” because nothing says worship for the lord than material commercialization of his image, the money changers would be oh so proud.

Of course the pastor had to justify his decision by using some interesting theological defenses.

“Meekness is power under harness.  Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth.  We have misunderstood the word meek.  Many think that it just means weak but that is the farthest thing from the truth.  Jesus was our supreme example and He was not weak!  He displayed great strength but never lost control.  The coaching principles of MMA purpose to teach its participants this very principle.  They are taught to never fight out of anger. The goal is to at all times maintain control thereby allowing the participant to maximize his skills and strategies.”

Anything that involves more man on man action in a church is A-OK with me!