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So is Strikeforce dead or what?

It’s been a few days since the rumor that Strikeforce is dead finito finished dropped on the internet, but since that first tantalizing hint there has been a deafening silence. No statements from the UFC. No reassuring ‘This is all bullshit’ comment from anyone at Showtime to anyone in the press. It’s enough to make you think the whole thing could be true! And if you want another sign that may or may not mean everything or nothing, there’s this as well:

Strikeforce has yet to submit a promoter’s license or seek a permit for an event on Nov. 3 at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, but the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission still expects the event to take place.

OSAC representative Aleta Billings today told ( that Strikeforce restated its intent to promote the card as recently as two weeks ago, but hasn’t heard anything since.

Billings said a reasonable cutoff for the promotion to submit the paperwork is “a couple of weeks out” and indicated the commission hasn’t received any indication of a possible cancelation.

Billings said Strikeforce, which initially contacted the OSAC about the Nov. 3 event approximately one month ago, could be greenlit within one day if the correct paperwork is submitted. Now, the commission simply is waiting.

On the other side of the coin, Ariel Helwani notes that press credential applications for the event have been sent out. So if Strikeforce has flatlined, there’s at least a few parts of the corpse that are still twitching. Josh Gross also notes that contractually, Showtime would be the ones who’d have to pull the plug – they have the option to keep the promotion running through 2013. So until they say it’s done, Zuffa has to continue on with this Zombie Strikeforce farce. Will that be a few days? A few weeks? Or for another year?