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So how did Kimbo’s fight go?

Here’s video of Kimbo’s third boxing fight which quietly went down this past weekend on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma. If you don’t wanna watch the 13 minute fight, here’s a good summary of what went down:

His first two bouts ended in quick knockouts, but when Slice took on Charles Hackmann, a debuting fighter who also works as a fitness trainer, things didn’t exactly go the same way. He still eventually won the four round affair with the scores 39-37 across the board, but not before almost losing the fight during the second round.

After winning the first round, Kimbo began to slow down a bit before eating several hard shots that had him severely rocked and leaning to the ropes to try and recover. Hackmann, almost pulled off the upset, but unfortunately for him, those were the only significant shots he landed, as both men looked sloppy and completely exhausted on the third and fourth rounds.

Not a great result, but the whole reason he’s fighting under the radar right now is so people don’t end up seeing him struggle his way through the beginning of his career. I dunno … it seems pretty obvious that he isn’t going to go very far in a professional sports capacity. Better make some fast money off gimmick fights like the Dada 5000 one instead.