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So how about that ‘Links’ menu item?

A few days ago we tweaked the site, and one of the things we added was a Links section that lets you look at my Google Reader ‘starred’ list. I wanna take a few seconds to explain how this works so you understand how cool it is.

I don’t actually surf websites any more … I use Google Reader pull content from over 75 websites using RSS feeds. This allows me to go through over 500 articles a day and is a big reason you Jackals get 8-10 blogs daily instead of four or five. Google Reader acts a lot like Google Mail … you can ‘star’ articles that interest you. I browse through all the shit that comes out and then star all of the relevant news and interesting stuff. I then use that star list to generate content for the site.

The ‘Links’ section shows you the real time collection of starred links … I don’t have to do anything to keep it up to the minute with all of the news I’m reading. This means if you’re looking for one place to find a comprehensive set of up to date MMA headlines, you might want to consider checking this new feature out.

Anyways, thought you guys might like to know. Enjoy! And as with everything new we try around here, feedback is appreciated.