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So freaky.

Just in case you were questioning Inoke Bom-Ba-Ye’s commitment to MMA freakshow fights…

In another IGF MMA rules fight, Yusuke Kawaguchi, the first ever DEEP Megaton champion, will fight for the first time in over a year when he takes on 7-1 (7 Sub) Rolles Gracie.

Bob Sapp and Erik Hammer will team up to face PRIDE, HERO’s and DREAM participant Kendo Kashin and Shogun Okamoto.

Masayoshi Kakutani, The tall Kickboxer who just came back from an almost three-month training camp in Holland, will fight the almost-as-tall (193 cm) Prince Ali of Iran in an IGF Kickboxing rules fight. Ali is the HEAT Kick Rules Heavyweight champion and has also challenged for the J-Network Heavyweight title and fought in K-1.

In an “Akira Joh 10 Bout Fighting Spirit (Toukon) Series” themed match, Akira Joh, a young Pro-Wrestler born in November 1993, will take on Kotaro Nasu.

We’ve talked about DEEP’s Megaton tournament before, where fatties fight to determine who is the Ultimate Fatty. And are my eyes deceiving me? Is Bob Sapp participating in an MMA tag team match? Kakutani and Prince Ali are 6’4 tall, which may not seem all that giant to you but keep in mind this is Japan. Inflation puts them at Stefan Struve levels of tall. And no, no one knows what the heck ‘Akira Joh 10 Bout Fighting Spirit’ means.