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So. About that superfight…

Dana White talks about the Georges St Pierre / Anderson Silva superfight we’re all craving:

“[St. Pierre] is lumped up. He’s sore. He feels like he just got hit by a bus, I’m sure. He hasn’t fought in 18 months. I’ll make this fight,” said White. “We’re going to sit down with Anderson, probably in the next two weeks, and I’m sure we’re going to sit down and talk to St. Pierre and his team, too. Who knows? Maybe we go into this thing, and St. Pierre says, ‘Absolutely not,’ but I just don’t see that happening.”

But that’s exactly how big fights like this don’t happen! One of the fighters says ‘Absolutely not!’ In this case it’s GSP being the wet blanket, and I don’t see him being any more game following Saturday’s performance. He doesn’t like getting hit upside the head really hard and I hear that’s something Anderson Silva is decent at. Let’s ask Georges anyways…

“I know Anderson has fought [in his] late 20s at 168,” he said. “I don’t know what he walks around. I know he’s a pretty big guy. He’s an amazing guy, he went up in weight class. Me personally? My weight, I cannot go up and drop like that. I can’t do that with my body. Some guys can play with their weight more easy than me. Me, I cannot go up and down too much. We need to talk about it. I don’t know how he can come down. I’ll fight anyone at 170.”

So it becomes a question of how much Anderson Silva wants it. More than he enjoys eating like a normal human being?