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Sneak Peek

As you may or may not know, I’ve been down south the past week and a half visiting family and eating Krystal   ‘hamburgers’. The posting has been a bit erratic and I’m sure some of you have wondered “Oh why has Fightlinker forsaken us???’

Well, travelling and shitty internet connections aside, we’ve also been working hard on the site overhaul that was mentioned a few weeks back. Since everyone has been so patient and supportive with the recent bullshit, I’ve decided to give you guys the above screenshot of the new work-in-progress front page. You can ignore the logo since it’s not really ours and a lot of other stuff is liable to change. But at least you can see what’s been cutting down on your homosexual UFC previews and rants about bees.

So yeah, good news is I’m back in Montreal tomorrow and there should be no more gaps in blogging. The bad news is the new web design probably won’t go live till the end of September.