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Smart fighters win before the cage even closes

Luke Thomas wrote an annoyingly short critique of fighters who get into the ring without a game plan, so rather than write him an angry letter demanding all his posts contain 400+ words of original content, I’ve decided to steal his good blog topic and do it right myself.

Good fighters have game plans. Wait … correction. Good fighters have GOOD game plans. I feel my IQ drop every time I’m exposed to those pre-fight videos where a pimply fighter   with a faux-hawk (2002 called and wants their dumb hairdo back) says he’s going to try and keep it standing against a wrestling or jiu-jitsu master. That might hack it at Fightfest IX in Des Moines Idaho, but it certainly doesn’t in the UFC or any other league that isn’t run by a bald fat guy named Art.

Of course, Randy Couture is the man when it comes to gameplans and really should be credited with pointing out how fucking dumb a fighter is going into a fight without any kind of coherent strategy. He didn’t have to say anything. He just let his actions speak, and the actions of the fighters he cornered. And it seems to be working out pretty well.

There’s already a mentality that fighters need to do more cardio, do more strength training, spend more time on the mat and more time hitting the bag. But I’d love to know how many guys are pushing to see more tape on their opponents, talking to guys who’ve fought their opponents before, and all that jazz. That’s what I’d do if I was a fighter. Actually if I was a fighter I’d probably send my bodyguard out to hit my opponent in the knee with a steel baton. Then when they put me up against some last second replacement I’d get subbed and cry to the judges that my glove laces snapped. Then maybe I’d do a sex tape, some celebrity boxing, and then fade into obscurity. How’s that for a gameplan?

  • garth says:

    you’re ahead of the game flink.

  • marshal says:

    David Hawkins has the best game plans.

  • marshal says:

    Steven Hawking’s are even better!

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    NIce article. The best recent example of this is Diego Sanchez- “Duuuh I’ll just go in there and try to submit, over and over and over!” You need backup plans for fucksake.

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    Worst game plan was Jardine’s against Alexander. He said he knew nothing about the guy and it showed. He had the absolute one game plan that played right into his opponent’s strength. Problem was, why didn’t he know about Alexander. I live no where near Nebraska and two weeks before the fight had the complete book on the guy. I can do it but Jardine and Greg Jackson can’t?