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Smack Girl is stupid

Was just checking out the latest Smack Girl lineup and once again there’s a big fucking ommission: Roxy Modafferi. Not only that, but the lineup generally seems like it was put together by someone with a blindfold picking names out of a hat. They’ve got Megumi Fujii (aka MEGA MEGU, one of the best out there) fighting Cindy Hales, who has a 1-0 record. Cindy’s only win comes against lesbian blood artist Shawn Tamaribuchi, who we love but isn’t grounds for earning a fight against someone like Megumi.

I don’t pretend to know what the fuck is going on in Japan. In fact, I am probably the most ignorant person out there when it comes to how things work in their fight scene. Japanese promotions really don’t seem to give a shit about creating proper rankings and competitive fights between the best in their shows. Someone who’s won three in a row will just as likely fight someone who’s lost three, or worse someone who’s never even fought real MMA before. They simply don’t care. And fine: book the squash matches and book the fighters who put asses in the seats. But Roxy Modafferi is one of the best female fighters in the game right now, and she kinda sorta lives in Japan. It’s stupid not to take advantage of the situation and have her fighting for Smack Girl.

  • Roxy says:

    ….I probably shouldn’t talk too much about the inner workings…except I wish I knew more. There’s some lack of communication here, and it could be on purpose, so I don’t want to get into trouble. u_U I have two managements, so it’s complicated.

    ANYWAY, I was told I couldn’t fight on the Feb card, but I MIGHT fight on the April card…a while back, they asked my Japanese management if I was ‘interested,’ and I said, “yesyesyes” and now it’s like….?????? I’m waiting to see if an offer comes.

  • FRANKIE says:

    Has Smackgirl started doing all their fights with full MMA rules yet?

  • clint says:

    Cindy is an outstanding grappler and got her black belt in BJJ very quickly. She also competed in the last ADCC. She will give Megumi a tough fight. She also has an amateur win over Smack Girl veteran Cami Hostetler. It will be a good fight.

  • Sean says:

    Hey, Fedor just fought HMC and he had a similar record as Megumi’s opponent. As a matter of fact, they love to do that to all the “best in the world”. The Japanese really like to see people get the beatdown.

  • FRANKIE says:

    Megumi Fujii is in the same weightclass as Yuka Tsuji, right? When the hell are they going to throw down?

  • koolpaw says:

    oh this is sweet. fightlinker set on fire to Japanese fight scene, and went to SKI !!!??? great. It seems the “CANADIAN style” !

    yeppo agree with the part about Roxy, its ridiculous not to offer a fight to one of the best fighters in the world. or They want her color her hair to blonde or what? like they call [email protected] style? but i dont want to bother her, so zipping my mouth now.

    Yeah Lisa Ward, the best fighter at 105lbs said Cindy ain`t easy even for Megumi. plus Ms.Hales usually fight at 125 lbs. has size advantage. AAAAND LISA WARD is comming to JAPAN AGAIN !

    Not only that, Amanda Buckner may come to the 2nd Round on April. Akano san, Yabushita san, Tama-chan, And Amanda ! with Roxy, it would be the tournament to see who is the Top female fighter at 135lbs in the FarEast.

    You know what? Shawn Tamaribuchi`s middle name is Kyoko, Kyoko-chan has Japanese blood and told me she is taking Japanese lessons for training in Japan someday.

    All of fightlinkers favorite female fighters come to Japan !