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Sly stuffs his movie full of Brazilians

Back in the 80’s, stand up comedians were all the rage for movies … stuff your film full of a bunch of these guys and you couldn’t fail. Now the new trend seems to be Ultimate Fighters:

The news broke today in the ‘O Globo,’ newspaper that Sylvester Stallone will be inviting Rodrigo Minotauro to participate in a moving being shot in Rio de Janeiro.

As discerned by, contact was made through Rodrigo’s adviser, Fernando Flores.

Mino, who is in Miami, arrives in Rio tomorrow, when he may meet with the star of “Rambo” and “Rocky.” Stallone’s team also expressed interest in meeting other well-known fighters, like Lyoto Machida and Rogerio Minotouro.

Having Little Nog involved would be great, it means you’ve got a perfect stunt double for Big Nog. And if anything goes wrong and there’s a horrible accident, it’s no big deal.