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Slow updates today

My brother is in town to watch UFC 102 so I won’t be posting too much today but here’s a quick wrapup of the important whatevers for you: King Mo snuffed Mark Kerr in 25 seconds, Fedor ‘won’ against Mousasi by armbar, and Dana White stopped doing youtube videos because it was upsetting poor people to see how disgustingly rich the life he leads is. Quinton Jackson may be in that A-Team movie after all, and it looks like the UFC isn’t happy about the timing. Other than that, there’s some event going on tonight featuring Old vs Busted. Demian Maia and Nate Marquardt totally represent new hotness.

Check back later today, I’m trying to get footage from the Fedor / Mousasi fight and I’ll also be doing a UFC 102 prediction post sometime!