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slow start

I’m sitting here trying to get some posts done but I’m hung over and exhausted at the moment so blogs might not be up until a little later in the day. Last night was the XMMA show and it was pretty good. We hung out with UFC/Pride/Bodog/IFL ronin Aaron Riley and Joe Stevenson – both very nice guys – and then after the event with the Fight Network peeps John Ramdeen, Robin Black, Chris Horodecki, and Nicki Ryann.

Once the card was over there were a whole bunch of buckets full o’ beer in the VIP area, so we drank the shit out of those with jackal W and his pal and then moved the party to our place and watched old K1 highlights till 5am.

Oh, David L’Oiseau won, although until his hail mary knees in the 5th round he was getting beaten up pretty consistently by Solomon Hutcherson. L’Oiseau said he dislocated his shoulder in the first, which makes pulling off the W a bit more impressive.

I’ve got video of a bunch of stuff, it’ll probably go up on Monday or Tuesday.