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Slow news days ahead, but we’re still here

It’s Christmas, which means the entire MMA industry shuts down for 4-5 days because the bloggers which break news are trapped in hellish family situations where booting up the laptop and checking your email = potential divorce / finger waggling from parents / drunk brother in law chucking laptop in a snowbank.

Fortunately for you all, my girlfriend already dumped me a few weeks ago because of my internet addiction and my parents are either dead or so far gone I could do the naked macarena in front of them and they wouldn’t recognize who I am. So it’ll be semi-regular business as usual around here. Even though there’s not that much ‘fresh’ news, there’s literally 1001 stories I never bothered to cover in the first place which I can catch up on now. So spare me the ‘old news’ comments if you know what’s good for you, or I’ll just put my energies towards this bottle of vodka instead of this website!