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Sloppy Sakurai gets armbarred

As sad as it was to see Gono leave the UFC, he really belongs in Japan where his entrances and style can be appreciated. This time his schtick consisted of coming in with a silly wig followed by some Japanese band with banners waving. As far as Gono entrances go, I give this one a 6.5.

As for the fight, the first round was fairly even with Mach being more dangerous on the feet and Gono having control on the ground. In the second things went Gono’s way when he caught a Mach kick and Mach inexplicably dropped to his back in response. Gono jumped into side control, trapped Mach’s arm in a crucifix, and then transitioned into an armbar that Mach really shouldn’t have gotten caught in. A few seconds later, the fight was over and Sengoku takes a 3-0 lead over DREAM in their ‘war’.