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Sketchy stuff in DREAM?

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with what went down, even after reading this:

Japanese fans have found Tatsuya Kawajiri talking with the referee in his fight against J.Z. Calvan.

At around 1:23 of the video, while they are entangled in the ropes and the referee puts his hand on them (probably for a restart, since that is a normal position to do it) Kawajiri says: “Todomenai de” in Japanese like three times which means “Don’t stop”.

The referee then doesn’t stop and move them to the middle until Kawajiri has mount position.

This might have become a better call since it seems like Kawajiri was on his way to a mount position and it would’ve been difficult to restart them at exactly such a position but people think Kawajiri’s words influenced the referees refereeing.