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Site news: Permanent login + more stuff for star members

Hey, a quick note to all of you with Fightlinker accounts who got sick of constantly logging back into the site to post comments: we’ve just upgraded some stuff and logging in once now keeps you logged in pretty much forever. As well, star members will start getting extra blog posts over the next few days built right into the front page, so you wanna log in so you can read these posts!

If you’re not a star member, please don’t freak out … we’re not going to be sticking a bunch of formerly free shit behind a pay wall. Most of the things being posted will be research and content I’m creating for the upcoming Fightlinker book, plus site news and other random stuff. And of course star members also get the weekly Happy Hour radio show, which just hit episode 20.

Keep in mind that regardless of if you pay or not, we still love each and every one of our readers. Sure we might love star members a little bit more, but just like your parents we’ll do our best to hide that fact and spread the affection equally. Seriously though, we wouldn’t be here today without the hundreds of people who have donated OR the tens of thousands who visit every week. There’s no way we’re going to neglect either group (well, no more than we normally do, anyways).