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Site News : Be forewarned!

With all the linking and loving and laughter and comments here the past few days, we’ve also attracted another kind of attention: spambots! And while my standards as far as commenters go are pretty low, one rule I wanna keep is no goddamn fucking robots! I’ve seen I, Robot. I’ve also seen Bladerunner. So I know what’s coming. At first the robots are nice. They offer you viagra and ringtones and other sweet things. But next thing you know, they’re gouging out your eyes with their bare hands, screaming for the humanity you’ve denied them.

So fuck that shit. I’ve just set up a new spam blocker, so just a heads up … if your post is all about dildos or erections or naked celebrities, it might get caught up for a few hours. I’ll do my best to make sure your filth gets through but robot filth doesn’t.