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“Sit down”

Above, video showing Brock Lesnar trying some pro wrestling theatrics and Dana White stopping him. From MMA Fanhouse:

And with a few more words, Lesnar started to walk out, only to have White reach out to shake his hand and try to pull him back in. Lesnar did, in fact, comply with the boss’s request that he stay for the rest of the press conference.

White was asked afterward what he said to Lesnar, and he answered, “‘Sit down.’ He was trying to leave the UFC 100 press conference. … I’m telling you, nobody wants my job. Everybody thinks it looks good; it’s no fun. Try telling a 400-pound guy to sit down.”

It’s all pretty minor stuff – it lasts from 3:20 to 3:50 of the video – but still strangely fascinating to watch.