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Since when has the CSAC been trustworthy?

Considering Zach Arnold and Josh Barnett seem tight, I was interested to hear what he had to say on the whole Josh Barnett popping positive thing. Surprisingly enough he took the tack that this proves “out-of-competition drug testing works” and then did his “I challenge other writers to have the balls to agree with me” thing that annoys so many.

So now that out-of-drug competition has allegedly busted a prominent fighter, let’s see which MMA writers want to step up to the plate and actually start asking legitimately tough questions to athletic commissioners about the implementation of out-of-competition drug testing. If MMA wants to be taken as a serious sport and athletic commissioners want to be fully trusted by the public as opposed to being little more than glorified PR spokespeople for promoters who pay a % of the event gates, then the focus by hardcore MMA fans and writers should be on enforcing a consistent out-of-competition drug testing policy. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

It’s funny to completely agree and completely disagree but that’s where I’m sitting right now. I agree: random drug testing is the only way to effectively catch dopers. But at the same time, I have so little trust in the way most commissions operate – ESPECIALLY the CSAC – that the idea of effectively placing the fate of the sport into their weaselly incompetent boxing gloves scares the shit out of me.

As it stands we have a whole bunch of people assuming that Josh is guilty even before hearing what substance he allegedly took and in what volume. After the Kimo shit I can understand that no one wants to look like a sucker again, but it’s worth reminding everyone that California’s commission has a long history of fucking things up and a whole bunch of prior steroid cases that turned into complete fiascos. Hell, the dude who took over for Armando Garcia (also known as King Dipshit) ended up SHUTTING DOWN THE ENTIRE DRUG TESTING PROCESS for a few weeks because it was so messed up. And then he took the first job he could get outside of the commission. These are not positive signs.

At this point I’m not gonna make a call on Josh one way or another because I haven’t heard enough from him or the CSAC. But can we keep in mind that we’re talking about the sketchiest commission on the face of the earth? And if we’re gonna start banging the drum for across the board random pre-fight testing, we might wanna address the fact that it’s being handled by a bunch of incompetent morons who have proven themselves incapable of doing anything well other than collecting their share of event revenue and fucking things up for fighters and promoters.