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Sims vs Thomas reeks of hypocracy

If you’re one of the 27 people still tuning into TUF5, you’ll know that Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas got into a fight at the house and were kicked off the show. Now it’s been announced that the two will face off at the TUF5 finale. I’ll let Steve Sievert from the Houston Chronicle follow up:

White was pointed in his profanity-laced scolding of the fighters, noting that he had worked six years trying to overcome the perception that ultimate fighting is no more than a glorified barroom brawl. Sims and Thomas didn’t do much to help White’s cause.

White took a hard line on the incident, and, frankly, I fully expected Sims and Thomas to have “fought” in the UFC for the last time. Their actions certainly warranted the harsh punishment.

However, not only are the two fighters still very much a part of the UFC, they are actually being welcomed back with open arms to fight on live television in the season finale and pocket some cash for their efforts.

So much for White’s hard line and ensuring the integrity of the sport.

There seems to have been a lot of two-faced stuff like this going on lately. At least the other examples were understandable: sucking PRIDE dry of all it’s talent wasn’t what anyone wanted, and merging the PRIDE belts into the UFC means having to give Dan Henderson a shot sooner rather than later. But to kick these guys off the show for fighting and then having the gall to book them against eachother on the final is just mind blowing. In someone’s mind it’s an easy buck and another angle, but to me it’s another step down a slippery slope. I have to wonder if this decision has anything to do with the fact that the incident caused ratings for the show to hit 1.3 (up from last week’s 1.1).

  • fightlinkerReader says:

    This is not the first instance of hypocracy. They advertised the street fight in commercials and sold the episode on the fight. Then, on the show, they claimed “this is not who we are”.

    I understood that. You have to be against that stuff, yet when it occurs, you have to use it as it brings good viewers. But scheduling a sanctioned fight between the street fighters is going too far – it rewards their poor behavior.