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Silly Tito, your press conference is behind the dumpster

While we were yacking away on the radio last night, there was some action going on at the UFC post-event press conference. Basically, Tito Ortiz wasn’t invited but he showed up anyways. There’s a whole bunch of accounts for what happened but the best one is from Sports Illustrated:

“Dana said I can’t be here,” said Ortiz, as UFC Public Relations director Jennifer Wenk spoke to him and pushed the microphone away, instructing the media not to ask him questions.

“Stay up there Tito,” said Jameson standing off to the side of the stage. “You deserve it.”

As Ortiz spoke to Wenk, he smiled and shook his head as he turned toward the media and said, “I’ve never been kicked out of a press conference before. After 11 years of giving my blood, sweat and tears to make this company what it is I think I deserve to stay.”

Ortiz would sit on the dais for nearly 30 minutes alone as extra security was brought in and Jameson continued to expound on the ridiculousness of the situation. “This is cementing what Tito has been saying for a long time,” she said. “Its freedom of speech, freedom of the press, let him speak.”

Finally White entered the room along with the other fighters, and looked at Ortiz surprised before addressing the media and the situation after I asked him why he didn’t want Ortiz at the press conference. “No, Tito’s welcome to come to the press conference,” said White. “Just as long as he’s not holding his own press conference, I think that’s the issue.”

It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Dana White tried to shut Tito out of the post-event press conference … he’s been scarce every time Tito has been around, skipping the weigh-ins to ‘avoid problems’ and disappearing from ringside during the Ortiz-Machida fight. I find it kinda pathetic that someone willing to talk so much smack to the media about Ortiz follows it up by HIDING from the guy on fight night, and trying to deny him access to the post-event press conference.

It’s shit like this that puts me firmly in Tito’s corner. If this is about money, then let it be about money. But treating someone who’s done so much for the company like absolute shit should raise a ton of warning flags amongst all the other fighters on the roster: this could be you, if you piss the Dana off.

  • cyph says:

    Come on FL! The UFC didn’t ban Tito from the press conference. Tito and his puppeteer Jenna decided to set up their own personal press conference 30 minutes early, which was why security told them to leave.

    Tito is a relic of the past. Tito isn’t even within the five best light heavyweights on the UFC roster today. Rampage, Forrest, Thiago, Machida, Wanderlei, Sokoujou, and even Jardine could all put a spanking on him. The only thing Tito has left intact is his ego and his legion of brain-dead fans.

  • ilostmydog says:

    ^^^ Not only that but he also got to hold his own personal press conference in the middle of the octagon after Machida spanked him.

  • t-dog says:

    I think FL needs to again admit the bias toward Tito. What is it? “As a teenager, I loved Tito, so I think he’s going to beat Machida.” Please. Give it up, bro.

  • Beer_tester says:

    Will this latest Tito furoe push Tito and Chuck back together in friendship and opposition to Dana’s tyrianism. I think rubber suits and gloves wallpaper should be enough to do it!!

  • garth says:

    while i don’t agree with any freedom of speech shit that his personal infection assistant may yap about (it’s a private event run by a private company and they can invite or bar whoever the fuck they please), i do believe they treat fighters like shit if they have the mildest problems with them involving contracts. proof? one word: HANDY.
    as far as tito, though, he could have his own press conference for as long as he wanted across the street.

  • kwagnuth says:

    Dana dissapeared during Tito’s fight that is hilarious what a fuckin pussy. All that smack talk and he tucks his tail like a little pussy avoids big bad Tito. He must have been concerned tito would win and put on his DANA IS MY BITCH T shirt. Tito has one of the biggest ego’s in sports no doubt and he thinks he is better than he is but at least he shows up ready for confrontation and doesn’t run and hide like the boss.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    Lyoto Machida = Standing version of Jake O’brien

  • Tito deserved to be there just like every other fighter. If Dana hadn’t aired his grievances publicly before the fight then he would have cause to not let Tito continue to bash him. But he did. So to not invite him would be so he could avoid problems and continue to trash Ortiz behind his back. Dana would have nailed him at the conference otherwise. Why shouldn’t Ortiz have a chance to respond.

    There were a million ways Dana could have squashed the beef with Tito. Instead of running a business, he takes everything personally. The true owners of the UFC need to calm Dana down a bit….

  • Dana wasn’t hiding IMO. he did the mature thing by making sure he wasn’t around. not the same thing. it would only cause a shit storm otherwise

  • fightfan says:

    I am not a fan of Lyoto, and definitely not one of Ortiz. But I heard the show last night and you guys actually think that Tito should of won????? What were you guys smoking??

    Lyoto didnt run, a la Kalib Starnes. He made Tito miss and miss and miss and miss. HE knew what he had to do to win fight and he accomplished that. he was aggressive at a few times, while Tito didnt nearly nothing all fight until a little in the third.

    What did you want him to do go stand toe to toe and throw down recklessy until someone gets dropped. GSP did that and lost.

    Even though I dislike Lyoto and agree that he is boring as hell, he is a strong fighter and definintely won the fight easily. He is just very cautios and elusive. We will see him down in a fight and we will see “go for it” . I think he will be surprising many.

    I guess his thinking is why takes chacnes, when he can win by picking his strikes and making his opponent miss and capitalize on their mistakes

  • garth says:

    hattori: my brother and i came up with “stand and pray” and “standing blanket” for lyoto last night

  • jakey says:

    Lyoto won and I think it’s great he did…. not only because he’s a much better & more exciting fighter than Tito but also because in the countdown programme Tito was walking about his mansion, going out tux-ed up in his Rolls Royce Phantom with his pornstar girlfriend ; machida seemed to be living in some tiny fuckin hotel room eggs with his wife.

  • MMA-Elite says:

    Funny that when people stick up for the sport they say how technical it is and that the fans aren’t just blood thirsty retards. Then when somebody Machida comes along and puts on an awesome technical performance people start comparing him to Kalib Starnes and saying he shouldn’t have even won the fight.

    Machida is definitely no Wanderlei Silva but I enjoyed the fight. Hell, a few of the people I was watching it with are very casual fans and they enjoyed it as well. If everybody started fighting like that than sure I would like to see some change in the way fights are judged but Machida is a rare type of fighter and its nice to see something different from time to time.

  • Tommy says:

    Firmly in his corner? The guy is just into the market of the business. He waste our time with his lips service in and out of the cage. He will never be a killer again, if he ever was. He runs his mouth wears a shirt calling his boss his bitch, but when he loses he deserves respect? If Tito would have whipped Machida he’d told Dana to go fuck his mother and you know it. Forget about him. Maybe him and Jenna can pick up where Bang the Champ left off. Mesh their two prospective businesses.

  • Esther says:

    I don’t think it was stand and pray at all. It was very technical and fascinating to watch. At first I thought he was very boring but the more I’m learning about MMA, the more interesting his style gets.

    Though, it was one of those fights you can’t get excited for at all, none of his fights really are. It’s just something different to watch.

    But I don’t know, I’m at the stage where I’m trying to appreciate everything so as not to jump the gun on judgments and sound dumb around other people in this industry. Being a girl, I have to guard my opinions well.

  • Demon6.0 says:

    Glad to see a lot of sensible posts here. The Machida/Ortiz fight was really exciting – EVEN to my wife who normally doesn’t watch MMA.

    The bottom line however is that, even if Dana and the UFC haven’t handled Tito’s situation properly, he then goes and negates all the good he did moments earlier with this stunt at the press conference. That in turn leads me to believe that his twat of a girlfriend probably played a major part in that whole fiasco happening. Did anyone see the interview they had up on She kept interupting saying shit like: “I’m not going to allow anyone to treat Tito that way!” He was standing there like a fucking schoolboy being protected by his mother.

    That alone makes a case to say that for as long as he has anything to do with that miserable bitch, the UFC are well rid of the both of them.

  • catch says:

    Don’t care much about the Tito/Dana fued, but what an awesome headline, lol.

  • sonzai says:

    cyph and ilostmydog have posted the correct. Besides, was Jardine at the press conference? How about Gouveia?

  • Asbel says:

    I agree with ilostmydog. They let Tito speak to millions of people LIVE in the cage post fight but deny him at the press conferences where interviews can get edited before being shown to the public? Doesn’t make sense, seems like Yoko Jameson is behind it.

  • catch says:

    Jardine wasn’t at the press conference because he was in the hospital.

  • Elfenstein says:

    how can some of u say that lyoto is boring ? switch kicks, very precise hits, fluent in his movements making tito look slow when he tried to shoot in… i thought it was a brilliant fight – and if tito hadnt been saved by the bell – i think it would have been a stoppage … crucifixed as he was ..

  • cyph says:

    The thing is that for a fight, it takes two to tango. Tito Ortiz was just as tentative as Lyoto “Zach Arnold should stop calling me Ryoto” Machida. The problem with the fight was that most of Tito’s attack missed due to the Lyoto’s artful dodging while Lyoto was peppering Tito at will, hence the judge’s 30-27 score.

    To the untrained eye, and to Fightlinker’s “I like to see people take turn punching each other in the face while I drink nasty 7% beer” it seems as if Lyoto was running on a bicycle. However, the fact was that Lyoto was the more active fighter (we’ll wait for Fightmetric’s analysis of this fight) because he attacked and hit more successfully (hit percentage) vs Tito’s whiffing and getting angry. Lyoto is a wait for an opening kind of fighter which he showed several times in the fight, one near the end of the first and the other near the end of the third.

    Having said that, Lyoto should be more aggressive in his future fights. But to blame the inaction on Lyoto Machida alone while giving Tito the pass? Only Fightlinker’s Tito nuthuggery could do that.

  • Tommy says:

    Lyoto isn’t boring, however he was gassed even in the first. He is just so talented he can be gassed and still control the fight and whip Tito’s ass. I do hope he steps up his conditioning though. I believe Penn was also keeping the pace slow and just doing small flurys and spurts to concerve strength. Maybe Penn was concerving for the fifth round in case it went that far, Lyoto has no excuse though. Good job winning but if he was in better shape he could have flat destroyed Tito.
    Link, come on. If Dana tried to shut him out all he had to do was yell, ‘Security’! And they would have removed Macrocephalus man. If you work for McDonalds and sell 50,000,000 burgers, then wear a shirt the next day saying the boss and the president of the company is your bitch, your fired. No need to cry about respect, you’ve never had any anyway. Tito has always loved to antagonize people with his mouth and shirts, never showing respect to managment or even fellow fighters. Now that it’s coming back to him, he cries about him not getting the respect he deserves? PLEASE

  • ninjitsu says:

    Lyoto isn’t exciting because he fights to win a decision. I can leave the room to get a beer without being afraid to miss any action.

    Do you all love Tim Sylvia, too?

  • catch says:

    Lyoto very nearly finished the fight twice, once at the end of round 1 with the crucifix and again in round 3 with the knee to the liver.

  • crs says:

    I’ve never been a Tito Ortiz fan, I didn’t even like him when he actually won fights that somewhat mattered nearly 10 years ago (sorry, but G&P wrestlers will always suck in my eyes). But it is true he kept UFC alive for the end of the SEG era and the beginning of the Zuffa takeover (what, you think Randy and Pedro were getting that tiny press coverage during the satellite-only days?) So the guy deserves a huge amount of respect even if you think he’s a joke as a fighter. He was one of the only guys to realize a little showbiz was going to make the sport instead of just the party-line “WE’RE ATHLETES NOT THUGS! HONEST!” Yeah, you’re an athlete, Mr. Couture, but you’re also a dull fuckface.

    But I really get the feeling (not that I even care that he’s gone) that Jenna is the Yoko Ono of the MMA world. Tito and Dana have hated each other for years but were able to come to terms for contracts. Throw her into the mix, as the cum-burping super business woman now sports agent and now that’s changed. Obviously new egos (especially on Mr. White’s side. Watch the balding, stammering, nervous guy doing commentary on PRIDE‘s 2003 Middleweight Grand Prix and then look at the guy today.) have added to the problems, but she seems to have convinced him he’s bigger than the sport as much as Dana is convinced the UFC is bigger than the sport. The only problem is Dana is actually right. Tito will get a few PPV main events with Affliction or EXC and fade away into obscurity. Then we’ll see him again in straight to DVD action movies with Bas Rutten and Ice-T.

  • crs says:

    PS-As for the Machida hate, I think part of it has to do with his “I’M A SAMURAI!” spiel. Sorry, but true bushido spirit wouldn’t allow performances like that. They go get their brains beaten out for years until they can‘t feed themselves anymore but still won‘t retire like Sakuraba. He’s not the worst fighter in the world but that still came dangerously close to being a Tim Sylvia performance.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Machida is an exceptional technical stand up fighter, but it is possible to be an exceptional technical stand up fighter and be aggressive, for evidence see his countryman, Anderson Silva. It’s kind of a cliche, but the guy fights to avoid losing, instead of fighting to win.

    The flipside of that was that Tito was even less aggressive, and his much vaunted wrestling and cardio were completely absent. I don’t know what came out of him the last time Chuck Liddell beat him up but it must have been his will to win…

    I’d like to see Machida matched up against someone like Thiago Silva, or even Wanderlei Silva who will try to chase him down and kill him, instead of standing back and waiting for his jumping double round kicks.

  • kwagnuth says:

    I was impressed with Machida’s performance he may have slowed the pace at times but he attacked randomly and caught Tito off guard numerous times.
    As far as him being a boring fighter I think Tito having his way with takedowns and GnP would have been way more boring. I would like to see Machida fight Anderson Silva some day he looks like he could make MW.

  • i think tito and dana are both assholes

    and i found it extremely amusing tito lost the fight! :)

    his goddamn bitching about money pisses me off

  • Johnny says:

    “I’ve never been kicked out of a press conference before. After 11 years of giving my blood, sweat and tears to make this company what it is I think I deserve to stay.”


    respect is a 2 way street young retard.

  • kentyman says:

    I watched the whole post-fight press conference, and I’m on Dana’s side.