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Sights from the UFC 129 weigh ins

Stephen Seagal showed up in Machida’s corner for the UFC 129 weigh ins yesterday, which means you better not vote for Randy because he’s one patented Seagal Front Kick of Doom away from retirement.

This picture is a testament to GSP’s weight cut. Dude looks like he’s trying out for Christian Bale’s role in The Machinist. Or as one of those AIDS vampires from Blade 2.

There was a little bit of confusion as UFC officials insisted the scale the Ontario Athletic Commission was using kept reading heavy. This happened for Jason Brilz and Ben Henderson, with commission members claiming the sound system was affecting the scale. In the end everyone made weight (although it took Bendo until his second try).

Ivan Menjivar brought what looks like a very real claw dagger to the proceedings. Here you can see Dana White taking a closer look and thinking ‘Is this really a good idea?’

(Big thanks to jackal Letibleu for the pics!)