twitter google and ESPN stand by Lappen quotes

A few days ago Jeremy Lappen went out and basically implied that both Sports Illustrated and ESPN had fucked up and misquoted him on contradicting statements regarding StandGate. Not surprising, the guys who ‘misquoted’ him were not impressed with this accusation:

Today the writer of the Sports Illustrated piece in question, Josh Gross, told me flatly, “I stand by my reporting. I did not misquote Jeremy Lappen.” Indeed, Gross played for me a portion of his recorded interview with Lappen, in which Lappen says to him that Petruzelli was given “Just a knockout bonus. We don’t give submission bonuses.”

I have read a great deal of Gross’s work, and I have read a great deal of the work of Franklin McNeil, who wrote the ESPN piece in question. I do not believe either one of them would misquote a source.

ESPN’s Franklin McNeil also said his quote was taken directly out of an audio recording as well. Lesson to learn: if you fuck up and say something wrong, don’t try to blame it on the media because they will bitchslap you for it. A simple “I misspoke” or something may not have done wonders for Lappen’s apparent competency, but would have helped with his credibility. And since his credibility is what’s on the line here … yeah.