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Sick :-(

Both Jake and I had a 10 minute encounter with a guy named Tom on Monday night while we were recording the Low Blow. Tom is was a friend of ours who travels around the world training security companies on new technology. He also tends to pick up a number of fucking sicknesses, which he then transfers onto us when he comes over to watch Star Trek.

So long story short both Jake and I are lying in bed (different beds, you pervs) shaking worse than Michael J Fox in a political commercial. I know how much this blows goats – stuff has sucked with my ass problems, then I got stuck in America for four days, and now I’m fucking sick. All this inconsistency in posting is driving me absolutely nuts, and I promise that I’m going to try my best to at least get some shit done today, and as soon as I’m better you’re going to see things better than back to normal.