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Showtime pays 700k per show?

While Herschel Walker helped Strikeforce get it’s Showtime ratings back up to Carano / Slice levels, it doesn’t look like he helped the promotion sell a lot of tickets. The official numbers are out from the Florida State Athletic Commission and Strikeforce Miami had an attendance of 7010, 2083 of which were free. That’s 4927 paid (nearly 3000 less than EliteXC: Heat, the last Florida card) for $301,424 in gate money. Another noteworthy number released:

The Florida State Boxing Commission also reported that Strikeforce received a $700,000 “Broadcast, Television, or Motion Picture” rights fee, as well as $8,003 from “Programs, Souvenirs, and Concession” sales.

It’s interesting to know how much Showtime is paying Strikeforce per event now, although who knows what other kinds of money deals are going on between those two companies … sometimes it’s hard to tell where one company ends and the other begins. Still, between the gate numbers and the show rights you can start to get a ballpark idea of what’s going on financially for Strikeforce event by event.