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Should we be outraged?

Thanks to Watch Kalib Run for the pic

Marcus Davis replied to a tweet today by saying he hoped Dan hardy dies of AIDS. Uh, is Frank Mir saying he wants to kill Brock Lesnar in the octagon as bad as Marcus Davis saying he hopes Dan Hardy dies of AIDS? Deep down this offends me more only because my uncle is dying of AIDS but really I don’t care that much. I mean I have said I hoped certain people died of AIDS, whether I actually meant it as a joke. All this anger/hate towards Mir has less to do with what he said as much as who he is. had Brock said he wanted to kill Mir in the cage or even out in the woods using a shotgun would have offended a few people and would have made a few people giddy just like what Marcus tweeted today.

Is Marcus gonna give him the AIDS or does he pick it up all by himself?