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Should Cung Le stay Strikeforce champ?

Cung Le is back in the MMA spotlight trying to convince everyone that he’s still an MMA fighter and that all the MMA blogs should continue to hype his shitty movies. When asked who he wants to fight in what is shaping up to be the only interesting division Strikeforce is gonna have for the next year, his answer was pretty simple: the dude with the famous name I already managed to beat once:

“Frank and I have that chemistry, and we both come to fight,” said Le. “Nick comes to fight. I don’t know what’s going to happen. It would be great to fight Frank again. I don’t know if Nick’s going to stay in the division. There’s a whole bunch of other great middleweights in the division, too.”

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker assures his return by the fourth quarter of the year. Le doesn’t offer a timetable. His other gig is going full steam.

“I definitely plan on returning to the cage as soon as possible, but right now I have a couple of things in the works,” he said.

This seems to be something Scott Coker likes to do – promising timelines that have no basis in reality past a hopeful estimate. He better watch out with how many times he does that though or people might start rolling their eyes when he says stuff, Tom Atencio style. Midsy doesn’t think we should be all that positive Cung is going to come back any time soon and even if he does show up once a year, what’s the point unless he takes on whatever beat at 185 pounds is #1 contender? He is the Strikeforce champ after all:

Le will turn 37 this month, and he hasn’t fought in more than a year, and he’s still not willing to offer a timetable for when we’re going to see him in the cage again? Then why don’t we all just accept that he’s an actor and not a fighter? And why doesn’t Strikeforce free up the middleweight title for someone to earn it in the cage? Middleweight is the most talented division Strikeforce has, and it’s ridiculous that they can’t put on any title fights because their champion is a thespian.