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Shoot me in the head

Once you accept the fact that Kevin Iole is a incompetent UFC butt boy, it’s much easier to ignore the stupid shit he says. It got kinda passe for us at Fightlinker to mock him, and truth be told he’s started to shape up over the past year or so. I’d like to think he double checks his shit to keep from getting roasted by us bloggers. That’s good.

So now I turn my attention to Nicki Jhabvala, who somehow landed the role of Sports Illustrated’s MMA editor. As far as I can tell she had no experience doing anything related to MMA coming into this prestigious position, and up to this point has done precious little other than post youtube videos and retarded fluff. Now here she is documenting her experience interviewing the latest TUF contestants:

Just as my eyes started rolling to the back of my head and my recorder let out a string of beeps because it was overloaded with b.s. interviews (or maybe it, too, was crying out of desperation), this soft-spoken, wholesome mid-20-year-old, who looked more Abercrombie than badass, trudged in.

“So, what’s it like here?” I asked, testing him with a softball question.

“It’s been absolutely crazy,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of drama in the house already.”

Off to a good start.

“I had wine thrown in my eyes and a glass broken on me,” he said. “Broke my arm open. [This guy’s] been a big problem when he’s drunk. He doesn’t handle alcohol real well and was going around and throwing cashews and peanuts at everybody. I started to get into it and I reached for a handful of nuts and threw at him. So he threw wine in my eyes and broke the glass.

The floodgates just poured open. A peanut-throwing catfight.

I sat up straight, started fidgeting with my recorder to get it going again and continued to pry.

It’s so great that she interviews 16 people and the best shit she can coax out of anyone is some crap about people throwing peanuts. The whole article is essentially a big puff piece on TUF and how drama makes it good, which is funny because Josh Gross just wrote an article talking about how the quest for drama is what made the show stale.

I don’t know about you guys, but the prospect of having another Jesse Taylor running around this coming season doesn’t exactly make me want to tune in. The reason TUF used to be good was because it consisted of real fighters who were going to make a real difference in the UFC. Not 80% worthless chaffe. I mean, look at last season: barely anyone was even kept around. Why the fuck should we care about this show if most of the guys are so fucking terrible they don’t even get a shot on the finale?

(ps: SI also released the full lineup of TUF guys. Expect a post on that tomorrow from us)