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Shonie Carter is still entertaining.

Goddamn I love Shonie Carter interviews. With a lot of the bigger UFC fighters, they rarely speak their minds and keep their answers pretty specific. Do you know why? Because when someone like Shonie comes along and shoots from the hip, he gets released from his UFC contract because of it. But apparently that hasn’t stopped him from giving a good talk. Here’s some highlights from a new interview:

Shonie on Forrest: Man, he can’t bust a grape in a food fight if he had hammers in his hand.

Shonie on Brock Lesnar: Mark’s going to beat his ass. Now he has to fight somebody that’s got muscles and fighting experience. They should’ve put him in a couple of little feeder programs.

Shonie on Dan Henderson: I feel bad for Dan Henderson because I love Dan, but you don’t put guys in back-to-back world title fights, especially if the guy has to cut weight. If they would’ve had him fight a couple of fights after Quinton, I think he would’ve did a lot better. I’m not saying he would’ve won, but he would’ve did a lot better.

Shone on Arlovski and the UFC: They treat him like a wet food stamp from what I understand.

  • Xavier says:

    Shonie Carter should try winning a fight once in a while. I hear that helps.

    Oh, and if he thinks that about Griffin, then he must really hate Rua.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Wow! Yeah! He says a bunch of bitter things that make Frank Trigg’s commentary seem insightful! What a fool the UFC was for releasing this well-rounded fighter!

  • boshyclaus says:

    “They treat arvlovski like a wet food stamp” I love shonie!