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Shonie Carter has problems

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: MMA is full of people with serious issues. Don’t bitch about your problems because there’s an MMA fighter out there who has it way worse than you. Today’s example of this is Shonie Carter, who released this public plea:

This message is on behalf of U.F.C. fighter Shonie Carter, Mr.International……He needs your Help seriously!
His little boys Samearion Andreas his namesake, Kavion Osiris were taken by their mother who moved to Jacksonville, Florida, with her new boyfriend to an undisclosed location, supposedly to live with his parents until she gets on section 8 housing. She was accompanied by ber so called cousin Kati and her boyfriend Paul Zias a convicted 2x felon. Her full name is Samantha Weiner and she left town in such haste to avoid court proceedings she left all of the children’s posessions behind including toys and clothes that Shonie bought them recently.

The courts and authorities said it is out of their jurisdiction. He will be posting pictures of the suspect soon, and photos of the apartment they were living in. It was a squalor as far as living conditions are concerned. Shonie had no idea this was the situation. As papers were trying to be served, they fled the premises apparently. Shonie is offering what ever he has for information for locating the children. They were last known to be heading to Jacksonville, Florida. The said reward will be starting off at $1,500 dollars out his own pocket till he can raise more! please let everyone know about this even thru your email. more info will come as he gets it. look for interview concerning this matter on various mma websites. You can also contact shonie thru email [email protected] , Thankyou.

I don’t have much else to add to this except that if you live in Jacksonville and want to make a quick 1500 bucks, here’s your chance.