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Shogun’s knee is totally FUBAR

Just when you thought the UFC’s 205 pound division was about to start kicking ass again…

Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua’s latest knee surgery involved a “significant” amount of work and was more like a “reconstruction” of the joint than a standard ligament-repair job, according to a source close to the UFC light-heavyweight champion.

In a text message sent to Fighters Only last night the source said that Rua’s knee has been troubling him for some time and had flared up in the training camp prior to his fight with Lyoto Machida at UFC 113, where Rua earned the belt.

He had surgery days after the fight and is now beginning the rehabilitation and physiotherapy process. This week UFC president Dana White said that Rua is likely to be out of action for around eight months, a number that makes sense in light of the seriousness of Rua’s latest surgery.

8 months = March 2011 = me pulling a hissy fit and kicking my cat and then feeling bad and giving him love and cuddles and then getting scratched and then throwing the cat and then feeling guilty and upset because my cat doesn’t love me anymore and neither does God. Because seriously … it was bad enough having Machida as champ (and then undeserving champ via crappy decision). Now we effectively have no champ, which by my calculations might still be a bit better than Machida but not by much.