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Shogun’s karate guy

Tatame has a short article with 7 time state karate champion João Gilherme Bendly, who’s helping Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua prep for his rematch against Lyoto Machida next month:

“I memorized Lyoto from the top to the bottom so that I can impose myself in front of Shogun, because what he needed was the karate’s timing, the defense techniques of Lyoto. This timing is different and requires years of practice in Karate and that’s exactly what he needs. I adapted my game to Lyoto’s and did what he does in front of Shogun to do this specific training”, commented João.

It’s nice to see Shogun digging up karate guys, plus he’s got an even bigger advantage now that he has experience against Machida himself. Ya gotta figure that’ll help his team pin down Lyoto’s kooky style and win. But as far as I’m concerned, Shogun should stick to the KISS principle, or at least my KISS principle when it comes to Machida: Kick In his Stupid Shins. Let’s see how elusive he is on jacked up legs.