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Shocking News: Affliction No Más

Congratulations, Fedor and Tito. That’s another organization you each have blessed with your presence and, once again, another organization that’s closing its doors. Way to be consistent.

According to some pretty solid rumors, Affliction Entertainment is finished. That’s the fight promotion part of the company, not the t-shirt portion, so don’t worry. You can still get raped for money and have your dignity completely stripped from you at your local Westfield shopping mall.

This is about as surprising as contracting herpes from a $100 Atlantic City hooker. Get it? That means it’s not surprising at all. At least when the hooker showed up in that Sarah Palin outfit she didn’t actually think she was fooling you. Tom Atencio and friends thought they were tricking everybody with comments like “This event has been very successful” and “What are you talking about? Todd Beard volunteers at a nursing home and a shelter for pregnant women who have nowhere to go.”

This is just another example of how hard this industry is to break into. Dana White might be bullshitting when he tells you that Mickey’s Malt Liquor tastes good or that Fedor ain’t shit but when he tells you what companies are going to fail in epic fashion, chances are he’s dead on.

Like anything else, Affliction closing up shop has both pros and cons. A positive would be that the chances of Fedor finally signing with the UFC — as well as guys like Arlovski and Belfort returning — have just increased dramatically. A negative would be that the MMA fanbase will never again be able to witness the grace and beauty of a Zito-Ferrall backstage interview. A positive would be that Zuffa is once again the only game in town. A negative would be that once again Zuffa is the only game in town. It’s all relative, I suppose.

Got your own pros and cons for Affliction going under? Post ’em in the comments.