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Shocker: Shogun training!

Here’s a video care of MMA Mania showing Mauricio Shogun Rua practicing some mitt work. Perhaps it will bring some happiness to you just seeing him in the ring training   … considering the shape he turned up last time he fought, I kinda wondered if he did any any of that annoying ‘work’ stuff at all.

You know those dreams where you have something important happening in a month but in the dream it’s happening RIGHT NOW? And you’re shitting bricks because you obviously aren’t anywhere close to being prepared? That’s what happened to Shogun in September 2007. Except it wasn’t a dream … it was UFC 76.

So take heart from this video, Shogun fans! Or not. This ain’t no Dos Santos display of mittitude right here, and he still isn’t looking like the Shogun of bygone days.