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Shocker: Shields dominates Daley on the ground

Jake Shields defeated Paul Daley exactly the way everyone expected he would, but to Daley’s credit he made it harder than many expected he would. In the end, Daley’s demise came about on account of his complete lack of ground game … as soon as Shields got him down he was fucked.

The first round featured Daley throwing heavy leather for 2 minutes before getting taken down and mounted for the remaining three. It was interesting that Shields wasn’t able to finish off the fight from mount in the first … he’s never seemed to have a problem in that area before. Round 2 ended up looking very similar, except this time Jake managed to pull off an armbar after another minute of ineffectual striking from the top.

Perhaps Shields let Daley get into his head? Was he too concerned with letting Daley up? I dunno. Daley looked good with his sprawl and brawl until he ended up getting taken down, but I guess that just means it was good but not good enough. In the end, this fight has just proven that no matter how middling Jake Shields’ striking is, you can’t take advantage of that unless you know how to escape him on the ground.

Photo Credit: Tom Casino/EliteXC/CBS