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Shocker! Sherk says he didn’t do it.

One of the big questions I was asking over the past week was “Where is Sean Sherk?” Within a few hours of the positive results breaking, Hermes Franca had already delivered a tear-jerker novella to MMAWeekly explaining the sad turn of events that led to him having to juice. Sherk on the other hand was harder to get a hold of than a Gracie vacationing in Spain. There were interviews with his coach, his teammates, and others. But no word directly from Sherk. Well, now we’ve finally got a few words from the Muscle Shark through a Myspace bulletin:

I am appealing the doping allegations!!

Sean Sherk the UFC lightweight world champion has filed an appeal against the doping allegations of the California State Athletic Commission, and has retained Howard Jacobs to represent him in connection with those charges.

Mr. Sherk issued this statement:

“At the present time I cannot explain the positive drug test in Sacramento California. I know I have never used any steroids or any other banned substances, I am investigating possible causes of my positive test with my attorney. I have never cheated, all of my success has come from hard work and dedication to my sport!”

Don’t let the two exclamation points at the beginning of his post fool you … Sean Sherk has a pretty fucking slim chance of being cleared of doping. However, he’s taken one step in the right direction by hiring Howard Jacobs to defend him. Despite having the ugliest website on earth, Howard knows what he’s doing.

Howard is the dude who’s managed to keep the Tour de France from stripping Floyd Landis of his yellow vest or whatever the fuck you get for winning that shit. And Floyd is guilty as sin, so that’s pretty damned impressive. Howard Jacobs also represents other less known juicers like Tyler Hamilton and Tim Montgomery.

You know what? I’m pretty bored of all this steroid shit. You would think there’s 1001 funny things to say about a guy called the Muscle Shark getting tagged for doping, but honestly it’s already kinda old. At this point I don’t really care if he’s innocent or not … I just want to know what’s happening with the lightweight belt.

Sherk is already a fucking asshole for winning the belt and then taking 9 months off for a bunch of surgeries he knew he needed before the fight. Now we get one stinker of a match and the belt might be off the shelf until this bullshit is dealt with? That blows goats. If there’s one thing that Howard Jacobs is going to do, it’s delay this shit as long as possible. Lets cross our fingers that if he blocks the UFC from stripping Sherk, they set up an interim lightweight championship.