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Shocker! Shamrock’s event is a mess

This sucks … two posts today and both are about athletic commissions. We now move away from Quebec to look at Fresno California, where that retarded Ken Shamrock / Obese Dude Wargods event is being held. Somehow the commission okayed the light heavyweight Shamrock fighting a super heavyweight obese dude, don’t ask me how. But promoters apparently dropped the ball on the Tank Abbott fight:

Abbott (9-14) and Bourke (8-11-1) both reported to the event’s official weigh-ins on Thursday, only to be turned away by CSAC officials who said the promotion had cancelled the bout themselves almost a week before.

“Tank Abbott was never even considered [on the card Thursday] because as of five days ago, the promotion conveyed to us that he was completely off the show,” Douglas told late Thursday.

Douglas said Wargods reps asked for the bout to be reinstated at the weigh-ins, but the necessary paperwork was not complete.

“When Tank Abbott’s fight was dropped, we just moved on with the card. Tank Abbott wasn’t even in my mind going into today,” said Douglas. “I was more concerned about the matches that they were trying to make with us last minute- We have no medicals on file for him at all.”

The promoters for the show are claiming that the person in charge of re-adding Abbott to the card was ‘unavailable’ and that’s why he never made it back on the card. I dunno if it’s the CSAC being hardasses or the promoters being incompetent, but it’s quite insane that out of the 14 bouts originally announced, only 8 are going to happen (barring another Shamrock meltdown, that is).

Whatever the case, those of you who’s romantic lives are trainwrecks can spend Saturday night watching a different kind of trainwreck: this event is being streamed live on (barring technical difficulties like the event being canceled or Ross Clifton having a stroke).