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Shocker! Fox Sports Net pre-empted Bellator

We mentioned back when Bellator signed with Fox Sports Net that it was a great deal … so long as Fox Sports Net didn’t preempt the shit out of their events. Sports Net has a long history of doing just that to pretty much every mixed martial arts product ever aired on the channel, so surprise surprise! Look what happened to the first Bellator show on their channel:

Their partnership with Fox Sports didn’t pan out as many MMA fans had hoped as many viewers found that the fights had been pre-empted by baseball and hockey.

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney acknowledges that there are pros and cons to working with Fox, which supports 22 local affiliates.

“There are really good qualities to FSN in that you’ve got a hardcore sports fan that you’re pulling from, but the disadvantage is that you’ve got 22 affiliate networks, and baseball season just kicked off,” Rebney told Cagewriter. “We didn’t have an exact read because we didn’t know when the games would end. The intent was that the shows would run in its entirety right after the game ended.”

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in Chicago, where the Georgi Karakhanyan/Bao Quach bout wasn’t shown because the White Sox lost in extra innings. Rebney said that he is working with Fox to keep that from happening again.

Also unfortunate: when Bellator signed that contract with Fox Sports Net, they basically bent over and positioned their anus for repeated buggering by baseball, hockey, and whatever other random sports Fox has already decided is more important than fighting.