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Shocker! Fedor defeats Monson

Fedor Emelianenko fought this weekend in Russia against Jeff Monson, a fight nobody in North America bothered to cover because we like our softball matches a bit less obvious. The whole thing went down around 7AM EST so by the time I woke from my Shogun / Hendo post-coital bliss I had this press release in my email:


Who doesn’t get the chills when Fedor Emelianenko walks to the ring?!  Earlier this morning (US time, Sunday evening Moscow time) Fedor faced Jeff Monson at the main event of the evening during M-1 Global’s “Battle of the Legends” at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, as he was greeted by 22,000+ people in attendance including the Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin at ringside, and many more around the world via PPV; from Japan and Korea to North America and Canada.

Oh, the pomp! The ceremony! The grandeur! Even Grand Overlord Putin was in attendance, although for some reason ” target=”_blank”> the crowd didn’t seem to like him. Haven’t they seen all those pictures of him being awesome? This is like booing Ronald Reagan or the Old Spice guy. We’ll see who has the balls to boo when Vladamir starts purging all the dissidents.

During the course of three rounds Fedor showed composure and patience while taking Monson apart round-by-round.  As Jeff Monson had made several attempts for takedowns starting with some early in Round 1, Fedor successfully escaped each one, refusing to play Monson’s game, and returning fire with precise leg kicks and repeatedly delivering jabs and the right hands that dropped Monson twice in the first round and couple more in the second. Fedor did not go to the ground for the finish and allowed Monson to stand. Round 3 comes to an end with Fedor connecting more lefts and rights. Judges score a unanimous decision as Emelianenko (32-4) picks up his victory and breaks out of the loosing streak, while Monson (43-13) suffers his second loss in nine fights. During the post fight press conference, M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelstein mentioned that Fedor will be meeting Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii at DREAM’s big year-end event in Japan.

tl;dr Fedor played it safe and decisioned Monson. Now we’re onto the next SUPER SERIOUS OPPONENT FOR ULTIMATE FEDOR REDEMPTION! I gotta hand it to M-1 Global. They’re the best at setting up the fights we really wanna watch. In less skilled hands we could be stuck with Fedor fighting Overeem or Lesnar or some such nonsense. But fortunately Fedor’s management have full control and we get opponents like Jeff Monson and Satoshi Ishii.

Part two of the fight after the jump.

  • Carcass says:

    Damn, Putin even managed to make the puppy look evil…

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Fedor is dead, all that remains is Feydur The Can Crusher.

    The only visible improvement here is that he doesn’t immediately jump on a dropped opponent. So a Feydur without killer instinct…thats the guy we want to see.



  • P W says:

    This event was actually mentioned in all the big newspapers here, due to the booing of Putin. I think you could do a Goldberg and call it “most talked about MMA event ever” or something, except it would probably be totally legit.

    (Fedor’s name got transcribed as “Fjodor Jemeljanenko”, if anyone was wondering.)

  • Fizzy says:

    And lo, after the third loss verily he rose again, much to the joy of the 12 remaining disciples/nuthuggers…

  • unclefesterdanawhite says:

    Fedor was the shit. But the game has passed him by. And it’s arguable that Dan Henderson would have beat Fedor at his prime too.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Fedor will NOT fight Ishii in DREAM on NYE. Ishii is a punk who doesn’t seem to want to fight at all, Fedor’s management are liars and criminals and DREAM is in radioactive financial ruin. 

    Not. Gonna. Happen.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Judges score a unanimous decision as Emelianenko (32-4) picks up his victory and breaks out of the loosing streak, while Monson (43-13) suffers his second loss in nine fights

    They’ll spend Fedor’s money to pay Jerry Millen to write this drivel, but they won’t pay for a proof reader?  Fantastic.