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Shocker: Dumb ref thinks he did a great job

Well, the MMA Fanhouse guy who was harassing the Florida athletic commission finally got word back from referee Jorge Ortiz on why he stood up Arlovski and Nelson during their fight, and Jorge’s answer is as predictable and tame as you’d expect:

“In my opinion he wasn’t active enough,” Ortiz said. “I thought he needed to be more aggressive on the ground to attempt to finish the fight, and when I feel the action is at a point where it’s stale and it’s not going anywhere, at that point is where I decide to change it up and get something going here.”

Sometimes you’re stuck in a situation where all you can do is tell someone they fucked up and see how they react. Unfortunately nowadays it seems like everyone’s opinion is valid, even when by factual evidence they are 100% wrong. In this case, Jorge stood up the fight while Nelson was keeping busy. He fucked up. I don’t give a shit that he thinks he did a good job because he very obviously didn’t. I’m not surprised that he’s unwilling to admit it. But it’s still frustrating.

Still no accountability for judges and refs in MMA. Insane.