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Shocker! Bullshit call from Bonnar fight stands

One of the only crappy things about UFC 110 in Australia was that a decent looking scrap between Stephan Bonnar and Krysztof Soszynzskiziyi was stopped on a cut caused by clashing heads. Not only did the doctor not even give the cut a decent look before he started saying it was too bad to continue, but the headbutt that caused the cut was deemed a legal punch by the referee despite Bonnar telling him it was a headbutt the moment after it happened.

The big difference is if the cut had been caused by an illegal blow then the fight would have been declared a No Contest or at least would have gone to the judge’s scorecards (which would have made it a draw). Since the dope ref claimed it was off a punch, the fight was called with Sosz as the winner. Shitty for Bonnar, especially since he’s already had the indignity of everyone knowing the only reason he still has a job with the UFC is because of something he did nearly five years ago.

Anyways, Bonnar said he was trying to have the loss overturned but you know how commissions are. You could say the sky is blue and grass is green, but if a ref said they were neon pink during an MMA event, you better beleive the commissions will agree with that determination:

The Combat Sports Authority of New South Wales, which was tasked with regulating the February event in Sydeny, Australia, ruled this past Tuesday that the official result ruling the fight a TKO win in favor of Soszynski stands.

“A review was held … and the Combat Sports Authority of NSW did not seek to interfere with the referee’s decision,” wrote Craig Waller, Executive Director of the Combat Sports Authority of New South Wales, in an email sent to ( late Tuesday night.

I just don’t understand how such clear cut bullshit can happen and stand up to investigation. It’s one billion percent clear that the cut WAS caused by a headbutt. If a commission can’t take 2+2 and see it equals 4, then they are clearly retarded. The fact that we trust these guys with the safety of fighters when they prove themselves over and over to be so incompetent in every other area of responsibility scares the fuck out of me.