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Shitty reffing is going to get someone killed

Ultimate Chaos gave a good portion of hardcore fans the opportunity to see the kind of refereeing that goes on regularly in smaller shows across America. Long story short, it’s a miracle people aren’t dying left and right considering the ineptitude many refs display. But if you do want the longer entertaining version, here’s a full article about how bad shit was on Saturday night:

As the accompanying photo clearly shows, the Yvel/Rizzo stoppage wasn’t a matter of being out of position or not being able to tell that ‘The Rock’ was out cold.  The referee is standing over the fighters in clear view, essentially gawking as one of the most brutal ground punchers in the sport bounces Rizzo’s head off the canvas like he’s dribbling a basketball.  This sort of professional malfeasance would get the ref fired from the chicken wing restaurant that advertised in the cage between fights, and certainly he has no business officiating mixed martial arts.

It’s not surprising that when you take away accountability, performance slips. I’ve heard stories of the buddy buddy system that inserts boxing refs and judges into many MMA shows that would turn your hair white and your teeth curly. Past some sort of sex scandal unrelated to rampant professional ineptitude, there’s very little that can be done to deal with the people running these commissions and the retards they often hire.

That’s not to say all refs and judges are bad and that all commissions are run poorly … but they all run with very little oversight. When’s the last time you’ve even heard of a ref or judge publicly criticized or fired for fucking shit up? Never?