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Shitty economies hurting international expansion?

The UFC continues to talk big when it comes to international expansion, but I have to wonder if they’ll be able to go through with their plans while the world economy continues to do backflips on a daily basis. Here’s Michael Rome with an “Idiot’s Guide to Understanding International MMA Issues”:

Anyway, the point is that as of this afternoon, the Euro is at $1.24 and the pound is at $1.56. A £100 ticket that would have netted nearly 200 pretax dollars just a year ago will only net 156 now, and most analysts believe the slide will continue. The UFC has to make one of two bad choices: Either raise prices for UK shows while the UK is in a rough recession, or accept lower gates. The prospect of raising prices during tough economic times has proven itself to be a disaster for UFC 91, so my guess is they’ll either choose the latter or run more shows at home.

Also worth noting is the nosedive of the Canadian dollar. Last year I had a fleeting two months where my wacky monopoly money was actually worth MORE than the American dollar. Now … not so much. One Canadian dollar is now 77 cents US. So whatever the UFC makes in Canada will now be worth nearly a quarter less, and let’s not forget the fact that we socialist devils tax the shit out of everyone.