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Shitty Christmas Alert

So what did you get for Christmas? I got socks, sweaters, and a copy of UFC Comebacks. Justin Eilers got shot in the fucking chest by his mother’s boyfriend:

Cox said Eilers had gathered with relatives for the holidays, but tensions escalated with an ex-girlfriend, also in attendance. Eilers was asked to leave the residence, but was said to have refused and began throwing dishes and other objects in protest. The home’s owner was then said to have pulled a gun on Eilers and shot him in the chest after a brief verbal confrontation.

Eilers’ ex-girlfriend, mother, and young son were said to have been in the room at the time of the shooting.

James Robert Malec, 48, was arrested and charged with second degree murder in relation with the shooting, said Capt. Maxfield. It is believed that Malec is Eilers’ mother’s boyfriend. Capt. Maxfield could not confirm this relationship or Eilers’ alleged interaction with the ex-girlfriend. Maxfield did confirm that numerous relatives were at the scene at the time of the shooting.

December has been a bit of a rough month for MMA as far as things like this go, what with the Justin Levens murder-suicide and Will Ribiero in a coma after a motorcycle accident. I can’t help but think that Eilers is getting a bit of a bum rap for what happened to him … people seem to be projecting bad Levens vibes onto Eilers and acting like maybe Eilers deserved it a little for throwing shit around. Hey, guess what: if everyone who caused a scene over the holidays got shot, there wouldn’t be enough people left to play Chinese Gift Exchange.

I know all you gun lovers that frequent the site are gonna hate me for saying this, but THIS KIND OF SHIT IS THE REASON GUNS ARE BAD. My bet is James Malec pulled out his pistol thinking he could diffuse the situation and get Eilers to leave. Instead shit got out of control and someone ended up dead. How many times does that same story have to happen before people learn not to be such gun-happy morons? I bet Malec and everyone else that was there have learned. As for the rest of the world, probably never.