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The shitmobile lives!

MiddleEasy has a great interview up with Phil Baroni where they talk about Jersey Shore, PRIDE, judging, MMA in New York, and a bunch of other stuff. In there he mentions something shocking: he’s still driving his epic shitbox from three years ago.

There’s a Youtube video of you talking about your car. It’s pretty hilarious. I was wondering if you still have the same ride.

Yeah. Right now, as terrible as it sounds, I do. Before, I had a nice 745. Nice–hooked up with 22 inch [rims], but now I’m back driving the green car. That’s what happens when you lose fights and blow your money. So I’m back to the fucking green car.

Did you get the window fixed or anything? Does it still fall down when you drive?

No, the windows are all locked in the ‘up’ position which is good for when I drive…but when I go to Starbucks or something, I have to open the door like an asshole to get a coffee.

Baroni basically spent the majority of his last fight against Amir Sadollah getting treated like a punching bag, so I dunno if he’s going to last much longer especially with Joe Silva offering him Marcus Davis level fights. But let’s hope he gets a win or a KO bonus or something before he rides off into the night, if just only so that ride isn’t in that piece of shit Buick.