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Shinya Aoki does it on top

5:45 – 6:30 : A glimpse of the uber rare mounted gogoplata

I’m officially picking Aoki to win the Lightweight grand prix now, provided that no one kicks him in the nads or drives an illegal elbow through his melon.

  • MrNiceGuyMMA says:

    The combined records of his opponents LOL

  • Anubis says:

    Amazing. I’ve seen hundreds of fights and finishes, and this kind of creativity is what makes me love MMA. However, if I have to hear Aoki’s story of quiting the police force against the wishes of his father to become a full time fighter ever agian, I’m going to puke. How much can he milk that teat?

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    wow that’s a brave pick I mean Aoki’s only considered the best lightweight in the tournament and maybe the world

  • vinhthekid says:

    a) it’s a locoplata

    b) in asia, his story is a big deal and it helps him to sell… how many times have we heard the coming from the streets story of huerta? both are cultural memes that resonate in their particular context.

    c) who the fuck except maybe sherk or bj could challenge him on the ground? sherk by lay n pray, bj by being bj,

  • Roxy says:

    in Japanese they call that “Foot choke”, pronounced “Foo-tto cho-ku”

  • DannyP72 says:

    As long as no-one elbows him in the shoulder he’ll win the tournament

  • MarleyMarl says:

    The guy he’s fighting is a total scrub, awesome sub though

  • ChristPuncher says:

    What Aoki did is NOT a locoplata. It’s a mounted gogoplata.

    THIS is a locoplata.

  • pauli says:

    outside of eddieland, locoplata==mounted gogoplata.

  • Yeah, Eddie has a retarded vocabulary of stupid names for his moves

  • ChristPuncher says:

    “outside of eddieland, locoplata==mounted gogoplata.”
    Umm… no.

  • ChristPuncher says:

    A mounted gogoplata is just a regular gogoplata done from on top in mount instead of from the bottom. That’s exactly what Aoki did.

    A locoplata is like a gogoplata except you use the foot of your leg that’s not across your opponents throat to apply pressure to the leg that is on his throat, while controlling his arm with you hand (as shown in the picture I posted above). Aoki didn’t do that.

  • ChristPuncher says:

    You can switch from gogo to locoplata when your opponent is strong and is using his hand/arm to push your shin off of his throat.

    Grab his arm and hold it out to the side, and then instead of using both hands to pull down your opponents head and apply pressure you use one hand pulling down and the foot from your other leg pushing up.

  • ChristPuncher says:

    ps: Sorry for three (now four) posts in a row. I wanted to add stuff but there is no edit button. :)